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A few months ago I worked on a project which used information from the Yelp API as well as various data sources from NYC Open Data and the New York Department of Health to analyze the factors that allowed restaurants to survive during the dramatically reduced business of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time I was able to find a list of around 200 restaurants that closed since March in NYC, but because I was relying on sites like Eater and Grubhub to report these closures, plenty of businesses were slipping through the cracks. It shouldn’t be surprising if you…

A few years back, a slew of neural network-generated text projects started to show up on social media, from the inspirational slogan-generating Inspirobot to recipe books, a new Harry Potter chapter and eventually this entire article in the Guardian about A.I.

With the first few (and the botnik website, which contains a huge body of work), the results were nonsensical and hilarious. For the past several years I imagined what kind of literary mashups I’d produce if I had access and understood those tools- Lil Wayne lyrics and Chaucer? Being and Nothingness and a Choose Your Own Adventure? The Gettysburg…

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In August of 2020, following the repeal of 50-a (a law which kept the citizen complaints private), the NYPD released a dataset containing records of over 300,000 misconduct allegations spanning back to 1984.

Since its release there’s been a bit of reporting on it but I haven’t seen many deep dives into the data and was curious to look for myself. But before I get into the exploration I’d like to note that this dataset represents a record of citizens’ complaints against officers of the NYPD, many of which were not substantiated by the NYPD for a variety of reasons…

In my last post, I discussed developing some tools for organizing data in restaurants and using it to generate better inferences about business practices.

Recently, a friend of mine who owns a restaurant asked for help generating reports from their new Point of Sale system. Because the new system generates web-based reports, completing their weekly account balancing requires a lot of data entry when previously it could be dragged and dropped directly from a spreadsheet. …

Over the past decades, restaurants have been generating an ever increasing amount of data. With the integration of technology from POS systems, reservation platforms, ordering and inventory to bookkeeping and payroll, the amount of data produced on a daily basis is enormous.

While this data is being generated, very few platforms have managed to coerce it into the kinds of relational databases that could help automate complex processes and answer questions about day to day business. …

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